1 in 5 acquisitions achieves success.

Let Star Business Alliance LLC help you be the exception.

Q. How is STAR Business Alliance different than other M&A specialists?

STAR Business Alliance is engaged as an objective resource to work with the team.  Our purpose is to build a new, stronger performance model that integrates the core strengths of the organizations which begins with setting a foundation for open communication.

Q. How does STAR Business Alliance approach the M&A integration?

STAR Business Alliance takes a holistic approach in analyzing all aspects of your company – operations, IT, finance, sales, customer service, human resources – everything.  We ask questions, review your current operations and processes, and determine the roles being played well, ones that need to be filled and new ones to be created. STAR Business Alliance is well-equipped to fully comprehend your work flow, procedural requirements, legacy issues and talent use.

Q. How does STAR Business Alliance help with reconciling financial expectations and business realities?

At the outset, STAR Business Alliance reviews the goals and strategic plans set forth by the investors to understand how they arrived at their financial expectations.  With a firm understanding of the goals and a knowledge of the operations, we effectively support you in meeting or recalibrating expectations.

Q. How will STAR Business Alliance help us streamline operations?

Through our comprehensive review, we identify systems and procedures that need to be revised with the view of eliminating redundancies and updating processes.  We introduce new work methodologies, suggest new training, recommend capital investments where the ROI is proven and set up more efficient work flows.  When done, we have a working plan that delivers operational, financial, and service success.

Q. What is STAR Business Alliance perspective on managing the talent pool?

STAR Business Alliance believes that people build successful companies and that intellectual capital is priceless.  We will create a talent plan that aligns to the leadership roles needed for the new organization to succeed and assign talent where their strengths are best leveraged.  This approach maintains critical “institutional knowledge” and supports employee morale.  

Q. How does STAR Business Alliance assess and manage cultural challenges?

We define a unique vision and mission that directly supports the purpose, goals and values of the new organization.  Since employees have been involved in the process and have shared their input, they will be on board and ready to deliver the high performance and streamlined operations you expect. 

Q. How does the transformation occur?

Working in concert with your management team, we implement our strategies and transform your company.  Each strategy comes equipped with a series of tactics, timetables, budgets, accountability and feedback mechanism, which allows us to quickly address any issues that may arise.

Q. What can we expect from working with STAR Business Alliance?

With the various processes, systems and talent changes in place, we monitor operations over the ensuing weeks.  This system of continual feedback lets you celebrate milestones and demonstrate to both employees and investors that the Transition Process is succeeding, and, if necessary, make adjustments as necessary.

STAR with the end in mind.

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